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Some Key Web Design Basics And Tips

Having a good web design for your company’s website is the key to succeeding in today’s digital marketplace. There are plenty of different things that you should look to do when you are trying to better your website’s design. Below, we will be going over some web design tips that you can use to maximize traffic, improve navigation, and improve conversions.

Top Web Design Tips:

1. Use Call To Action.

For one, you should be looking to optimize your call to action buttons on your site. Once visitors land on your site, you want them to have a clear indication of what they should be doing. Having a call to action button displayed prominently on your site is one of the best ways to ensure that your visitors that properly guided towards them. You can use a variety of different buttons to achieve this. To get a prospective customer or visitor to click on your call to action button, you should be offering some sort of incentive which encourages them to do it. For instance, giving away a free eBook, an action plan, templates that they can use, or something else.

2. Focus On Navigation.

The design of your website is a key element to improving it. However, what is even more important than the actual design is its navigation. Navigation might seem like an afterthought as it relates to the design of your site, but it should be placed at the forefront of the entire web design process. It is the core element of your website’s design that will dictate how successful your website is at retaining visitors and getting people to go back to your website. Therefore, you want to be certain that you are placing an emphasis on getting people where they want to go as easily and conveniently as possible. Some of the best practices to use when you are designing your site’s navigation would be to streamline the navigation bar, feature a responsive navigational design, and more. Having responsive navigation is crucial to succeeding in today’s mobile dominated marketplace as an increasing number of people are using mobile phones and other sorts of mobile devices more frequently.

3. Don’t Clutter.

Another key thing that you want to be sure that you are doing when you are designing your site is to avoid cluttering the site. You want to embrace white space rather than be afraid of it. The more information you bombard your visitors with, the more likely they are going to bounce off your site completely. Instead, you want to focus on content prioritization by embracing white space and really making your pages look much cleaner overall.

4. Mobile Responsiveness.

As mentioned previously, you want to focus on mobile optimization as much as possible. Mobile browser utilization has become much more widely used than desktop browsers. Because of this, you want to cater to your design more to your mobile segment of users. That way, you are able to provide a highly optimized mobile browsing experience. After all, the majority of your traffic is likely to come from mobile devices. Not only will you be able to provide a better mobile experience for these users, but it is also going to help you rank better within the mobile search engine rankings. This is primarily because Google and other search engine providers want to provide their mobile users with the best mobile browsing experience possible.

Overall, there is a lot that you can do to improve your web design with simple web design tips. By following some of the tips above, you should be able to dramatically improve your design efforts.